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Time: 2013-09-11    Writer: Alaina

Brand of China African Showcase 2013 was held in the Diamond Jubilee Hall in the city center of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. LONTOR took part in the exhibition and left a profound impression to the prime minister of Tanzania Mizengo Pinda.

During the first day of the exhibition, leaders from the Economic and Commercial Representation of the People’s Republic of China in the United Republic of Tanzania, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and Tanzania China Africa Business Council visited LONTOR booth and spoke highly of LONTOR products.

The vise general manager of LONTOR Lucy Xiong introduced LONTOR products and expressed LONTOR concept to Mr. Pinda. Lucy noted that” LONTOR devote ourselves to develop good quality and practical design products. Our aim is to bring bright to every corner of the world and being expert of emergency products.” Mr. Pinda satisfied with LONTOR concept and welcome long tern business relationship with the enterprise like LONTOR.

The conference attracted a good number of media, including over 30 Tanzania media institution such as TBC and ITV, as well as Chinese media agencies based in Dar es Salaam, such as Xinhua News and Wenhui News.

LONTOR has win honor for CANTON delegation and left deep impression to Tanzanian prime minister. 

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