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Japan Develop Any Battery Searchlight

Time: 2014-02-08    Writer: Japan has developed the “ultimate disaster survival flashlight,” called Any Battery Light.
As the name suggests, this flashlight can run on any common battery you find lying around, regardless of its size, from AAA to D.
Previous flashlights were created that ran on your choice of AA to D sized batteries. However, the Any Battery Light can work on a single AAA battery if needed. Given the increasing use of AAA batteries, this is an important development.
If you insert one of each sized battery, you can expect up to 86 hours of operation. The flashlight uses one battery at a time selected by rotating the lamp end of the light.
The flashlight has an energy efficient arrangement of light emitting diodes (LED) to achieve AAA compatibility.
The inventor got the inspiration for this survival light after a massive demand for flashlights following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

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