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Rechargeable Torch CTL-TH126
Rechargeable Torch CTL-TH126
The characters of LONTOR rechargeable Torch:Specifications
a. With high capacity (400mAh) maintenance-free rechargeable lead-acid battery.
b. Recharged cycle life over 350 times.
c. With 5 LED and 8 SMD, which are super bright, long life & energy saving.
d. Lighting time lasts for about 6.5 hours with 5 LED in the front, and 4.5 hours with 8 SMD in the back after full charging.

Product content:

a. Press the switch for 5 LED in the front, press again for 8 SMD in the back.
b. Put the plug directly into the socket (AC110~230V), the charging starts when the charging indicator is on. The normal charging time is 8~10 hours.

a. Please charge in time before the light becomes dark entirely. If not being used for a long time, it should be charged every 2 months in order to maintain the battery life.
b. Do not touch the plug and do not turn on the light when being charged.
c. Keep away from rain or wet conditions.