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How much power can LED lights save?

Time: 2014-07-21    Writer:  



        According to the English magazine ligature reported on April 21, the famous photographer Caleb Charland who has been well known for transferring invisible scientific principles into art, currently brought his new photography series [return to the light ] showing how fruit and vegetables supply power for LED light. People were surprised by this miracle.

        As reported, the inspiration of [return to light] came from the classic potato battery experiments Charland once did in his middle school. The principle is that Acid and electrolytes in vegetable will produce the electric energy. Not only potatoes had ever been Charland’s experimental subject, but also oranges and apples. He once to make an orange into a temporary battery, supply electricity for pendant lamps with a pile of apples, even light up a lamp with only one tangerine.

        Actually the fruit batteries are simple circuits composed of LED lights. An LED light of 3W, needs 10 or sometimes 20 apples to work normally. Different kinds of fruit has different power.  Hami melon can produce a strong power while grape just produce little. Charland had ever tried to link 200 grapes together but only to get 1.5 voltage.

        Such kinds of LED lights are just like a work of art. Putting them in the house, the atmosphere will be more elegant. In addition, LED lights which are able to wear on hands has also come into people’s life, which will surely bring a lot of convenience to us!


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